My Publications

This is a list of my publications, starting with the most recent. Links have been provided where possible

51bNhosOvoL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_“Dotty Grimm and the Red-Hooded Herring” (2015)
Published in: Young Writers’ Anthology 2015
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Young Writers’ Anthology 2015 is a collection of short stories and extracts from emerging writers aged 25 and under.

Dotty Grimm and the Red-Hooded Herring is the first chapter in a novel which follows Dorry Grimm, a fairy tale detective tasked with the job of finding a missing girl named Harmony Hood.


“Wolfbann” (2015)SV2 Small
Published in: Spectral Visions: Grim Fairy Tales
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Spectral Visions: Grim Fairy Tales is a collection of Gothic fairy tales and poetry, showcasing traditional, contemporary and international pieces.

Wolfbann is a poem about a lonely girl who summons a wolf.

Dedicated to Robert Parker (1940-2015)

Pic“Untitled Corbeau Cox Piece” (2014)
Published in: North East Writers Sampler Vol. 2
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A 2,500 word sample of my work-in-progress novel was published in this anthology of contemporary writing. The anthology is meant to provide a sample of up-and-coming talent in the North East of England.

Dr Corbeau Cox, forensic pathologist, examines the scene of a crime where a young woman has been flayed, drained and left on a bed of flowers, her eyes gouged out.


“The Swan Princess” (2014)M Small
Published in: Material, Issue #8

Material is a writing magazine in the North East of England. The Swan Princess appeared in their February edition.

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An old man reflects on his time with his now-deceased wife.